A Place for Teens to Talk About Being Teens

TeenLife | TeenStrong™, is a safe, non-judgmental space for your teen to openly discuss in private, 1:1 sessions, on the struggles of being a teen today, the challenges they face, family dynamics, relationships, communication, setting healthy boundaries for themselves and others, all while transitioning through the teenage years.

We create a space where teens can unwind, relax, and speak freely about the topics that are important to them

Topics include stress, anxiety, depression, self-love/worth, confidence, bullying, boundaries, schoolwork overload, time management, and more.

Who do you know that is struggling with being a teen, and could benefit from having a coach & mentor?

What It Is

A safe, and judge-free space where teens are guided by a skilled transformation coach, to talk about the rewards and challenges of being a teen, and learn ways to overcome the obstacles holding them back. Simply show up with an open heart and mind.

What To Expect

A safe space for real topics for discussion, and have some fun along the way. You’ll learn ways to set healthy boundaries with your friends and others, and have the space to discuss the things that matter most to you now.

Why It’s Important

There are many things in life we are taught, however many times there are pieces missing that we are often left to figure out on our own… the challenges of life at a moment in time, specifically during teenage years.

TeenLife | TeenStrong Community Group

A part of my life transformation coaching business called TeenLife | TeenStrong™, offers a complimentary local Community Group, designed solely for teens in a group setting, that meets monthly in an effort to give back to the local community, and provide teens with added support and a place to unwind, outside of home and school. The Group sessions are designed and facilitated by me, a Certified Life and Health Transformation Coach, in collaboration with Valentina Friedrich, a local teenager who also has a deep passion for serving teens, and the community. Valentina has shown her dedication by consistently engaging, and volunteering her time to support the complimentary TeenLife | TeenStrong™ Community Group.

As a Transformation Coach, I have learned, not only through training and education, but my own journey, on what it takes to move forward and create the life you truly desire. This Community Group creates a safe, non-judgmental space for a group of teens to openly discuss being a teen, and the challenges they face, relationships and communication, setting healthy boundaries for themselves and others, and transitioning through high school and teenage life.

To learn more about the Community Group, go to the Events section below and register for an upcoming complimentary group session. Space is limited.

Customized individual and group coaching programs will be made available per request. Contact me to learn more.

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TeenLife TeenStrong Community Group

Success Stories

  • One thing I liked about this is that it kind of relaxed me in a way, and opened my eyes about a lot of things. I realized talking about things could help.
  • I like how it was a de-stress from school, and how you meet new people and that we can talk.
  • I loved being able to reflect on my current status with each of the subjects addressed, and seeing where I needed improvement.
  • I liked how everyone was sharing ideas to talk about.
  • I liked the advice you gave. I wish we had more time for open discussions.
  • Enjoyed opening up to new people and getting to know each other, as well as having a feel as to what is to come in the future.
  • I like the topics we touched on; applies to everyone because we get to choose. No ideas for change at the moment. I am happy with the group.
  • I thought it went well. no criticisms or changes at the moment. Had a lot of fun.
  • Everything was good and comfortable. I think we should have a time just to express and speak about any of our problems or struggles.
  • I liked the people and how everyone made it feel very safe.
  • I liked how we had the freedom to speak about anything.

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