Meet Gina Marie

Hi there! I’m Gina Marie, and I help people turn their pain into power.

Founder of MindShift Coaching Services and transformational mastery coach, Gina Marie is a tough love and heart-centered life and business coach with degrees in business and marketing and several coaching certifications.  An expert in mindset, habit and behavior change, beliefs, and identity transformation, and I help people change their lives with total support and accountability.

Before building my coaching practice, I spent many years in corporate technology, supporting leaders and teams. Based on the four values and 12 principles in the Agile Manifesto, I helped them create a shared vision and become high-performing and more collaborative.

My purpose is to help people shift from surviving to thriving in all areas of life.

Why Coaching?

  • I help people change their life, relationship,s and business by shifting mindsets, habits, and behavior changes and identifying & overcoming limiting beliefs and identity concerns.
  • As a transformation mastery coach, I help clients gain clarity on their vision and purpose, become focused, accomplish their goals, and easily reach their highest potential.
  • Reach goals while receiving total support and accountability
  • Examples of categories I support: boundaries, servant leadership, becoming high performing, shared vision, psychology of leadership, building agile teams, self-confidence, overwhelm, feeling stuck, strategy, self-care
  • Strengthen leadership skills, improve communication, reduce stress, and develop better relationships with themselves and others.
What are some of the things you can achieve through my coaching?

My clients have experienced mindset, habit, and behavior changes, along with reframing their beliefs and identity in their personal and professional lives, where they:

  • Create a clear vision and purpose
  • Gain clarity, and focus on what they desire to experience in their life, relationships, career, and business, and why it’s essential.
  • Identify roadblocks getting in the way of reaching both personal and professional goals.
  • Gain a better understanding of the psychology of being a leader in your work or home life.
  • Create a shared vision for all aspects of relationships at work & home
  • Experience joy and fulfillment through living with passion and purpose in all aspects of life, at work & home
  • Gain the confidence required to become a better leader, mentor, and coach for both personal and professional relationships
  • Understand the success formula that drives them forward

If you or someone you know is struggling and wants a change in their life, contact me for a private call to determine if we’re a good fit and what may be possible for you.

Who could you be with a coach?

My Programs

The programs I design are for busy professionals, individuals, and couples. Each of my clients have experienced significant positive shifts in their lives since working with me. My programs are customized based on need client needs.

***I offer a VIP Program for leaders who struggle with their relationships at work and at home. I help them connect and create a shared vision, so they can move their business and life forward with ease, and show up as the authentic leader they want to be.

What does being an effective leader have to do with relationships at home?

Have you ever seen, or heard of someone who is unhappy at work, and they bring that misery mindset home with them? The family relationships become tense, unfulfilled, and detached.

Being unhappy at home impacts your mindset and behavior at work. A part of the corporate culture is that leaders are always available, even when on vacation. Yet, when relationships at home take a back seat, the family grows apart, and relationships suffer, which leads to separation or divorce (or in some cases, living a lie).

Whether you’re unsatisfied at home or in your career, the other will likely suffer.

Learn to nourish your relationships at work and home, so that you show up fully present and focused, as the authentic leader that the business and your family, needs you to be.

Think about the following:
* Who are you being, and how are you showing up each day?
* What is it that you want to be experiencing at work and at home?
* What if you could feel passionate at home and work? What would that look like?

So, what can you do?

Connect with me to have a discussion. Together, we will discover ways to rescue your relationships and your career, so that you show up as the authentic leader, and partner you’re meant to be.

You too can experience the shift!

My Journey

Before starting my business, I worked in corporate as a business coach for leaders and teams. I loved what I was doing, yet I felt that something was still missing. So, I decided something needed to change. I set goals, took aligned action, and built my coaching and mentoring practice around my solid foundation of morals and values, beginning with people first. This is my passion and purpose. A place in my life where I belong. Learning, stretching and growing throughout my personal and professional transformational journey.

When someone says to me, “because of you, I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life,” or “because of you, my relationship with my partner, or child has improved, therefore how I show up at work has improved”, is fulfilling for me. My professional clients have said “I never imagined how my personal relationships were negatively impacting my business, and now both are thriving!” This is why I transformed my life and became a support system for others. It’s moments like these that inspire me to support, and guide others, without judgement, through transformational coaching and mentoring. It’s encouraging to see how my programs empower people to change their entire world, for the better. Living the life they choose to live. Guess what? You get to choose too.

Let’s Connect

Discover where you are, where you want to be, and what’s stopping you from getting what you want.

Fill out this brief questionnaire, or schedule a Transformational Coaching Discovery Session today to find out more about what’s possible for you, your relationships, and your life.

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