Ray P.

Let me just start off by saying, I’m a male at 50+ years young! Pretty much set in my ways. Prior to meeting Gina, I was not a good communicator let alone show any emotions. Good or bad, I just didn’t. Talking with her and going through different life experiences I have had, she was able to guide me to figure out issues that I was not able to see. She actually turned my feelings into emotions, and my thoughts into verbalizing, so I can now comfortably talk about how I feel, and show it. She has even had a positive affect on my professional life. I highly recommend Gina as a mentor/coach. She has a way with words that truly motivate you in the best of ways. I now look at life through a whole new way. Thank you!

Jennifer C.

Gina has supported, and guided me through some very challenging times. Talking with her is inspiring, and she’s given me fresh perspectives. Gina is both knowledgeable and helpful, and her passion to guide and support others is evident.

Tina D.

I’ve known Gina for over 7 years, and her approach to friendship has changed me in so many ways! We all have those people in our lives we turn to specifically when we are going through a tough time, and know a change is necessary. We just don’t know what to do, or how to make those changes. Gina is active listener and responds with powerful questions that force me to look deep within myself for the answers. It is natural to resist to change, when we are told what to do or how to do it. When answering those questions, I realize just how much change needs to occur!


Years of conflict with my teen daughter left me broken and hurt. I felt I was handling everything as best I could but I was increasingly frantic and desperate. Psychologists and Psychiatrist never really understood the communication breakdown my daughter and I were in the midst of. I began coaching conversations with Gina. Her listening skills and empathy makes her a natural and effective coach. Gina helped me to review my coping mechanisms, and the encouragement to look at problems from different perspectives. Tentatively, I tried some of Gina’s suggestions, and I was amazed at the positive response. My relationship with my daughter was everything to me, and now with deeper hurt and conflict averted, it has grown with trust and respect renewed, and I’m thankful to Gina.

Nicole Jackson

First off I would like to start by saying that I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Gina. Words cannot express how much she has helped & guided me through a rocky time in my life. The 90 day transformation into becoming a better version of myself has paved the way for my future. Our sessions were motivational and inspiring to say the least. The wisdom I was given I will treasure forever and use in my everyday life. For example, how I react to any given situation in life makes a huge impact on the outcome. Also taking a step back, asking myself what kind of person do I want to be, am I making the best decisions that are leading up to achieving my goals? Gina has guided me into transforming my mindset to a more positive driven woman; by setting my intention for each day and striving to make the best choices for my future. It’s all about the power of the pause – words to live by. I highly recommend Gina if you are considering a life coach. The passion behind her coaching is real and genuine, she truly wants her clients to live their best life!

Erika Hyman

When I first starting working with Gina, my goals were to lose weight, gain energy, & rid myself of needless anxiety. Not only have I succeeded, but other parts of my life improved in ways I couldn’t even foresee! I am so motivated and excited about my future & I have Gina to thank for it! I am creating new goals & I know if I put the work in, I WILL see the results. She gave me the tools & emotional support I needed to start living the life I want and deserve.


Gina really helped me with letting my wall down in my relationship, and I’m so grateful! I told my partner that I loved being with him, and he said then it’s a win-win situations, and that he’s the luckiest man in the world! Overcoming my fear was amazing, and now there’s a shift!

Heather Deane

Meeting Gina changed my life. She is one hell of a coach. Gina coached me all weekend without hesitation. She was flawless and amazing. I cannot thank her enough.


Talking with Gina has definitely made an impact on how I relate to others. She has helped me refine the process to initiate honest, thought provoking conversations, which in turn has deepened relationships and provided a pathway to being able to listen more effectively and objectively. I truly value her perspective and wisdom.

Wendi F.

I highly recommend Gina! She is very intuitive and easy to talk to. I have had great results with (my digestion, reduced migraines and digging in to some old beliefs/mindsets). I loved the session notes and guidance for action steps. I really appreciate the extra time she took to help me work on a schedule for my week to manage my busy life! She has helped me put myself first and set healthy boundaries. Love you Gina!