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Are you seeking support and accountability on your journey towards personal, professional and relationship goals? Talk with Founder and expert TCM Mastery coach Gina Marie, who specializes in mindset, habit, behavior change, beliefs, and identity, and see what is possible for you. With a personalized, step-by-step program using Transformational Coaching Method (TCM) techniques, we’ll work together to overcome obstacles and align your actions with your goals. TCM is more than just mindset, habit and behavior change – it’s advanced transformational coaching based in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the study of human excellence. An empathetic coach, Gina Marie understands the challenges you face and will guide you toward creating a clear vision and purpose. Experience the Shift in your life, business/career, and relationships with our transformational coaching.


  • Master the Art of Communication & Healthy Boundaries
  • Leadership & Team Dynamics
  • Psychology of Leadership
  • Leadership for Students
  • Deep & Meaningful Relationships
  • Family Dynamics


Hi there! I’m Gina Marie, and I help people turn their pain into power.

Founder of MindShift Coaching Services and transformational mastery coach, Gina Marie is a tough love and heart-centered life and business coach with degrees in business and marketing and several coaching certifications.  An expert in mindset, habit and behavior change, beliefs, and identity transformation, and I help people change their lives with total support and accountability.

Before building my coaching practice, I…

About MindShift

What You Can Expect

In a confidential and judge-free space, you will experience transformational coaching, with shifts in your mindset, relationships and life, that you never thought possible. You will overcome personal and professional challenges, that will lead you towards a higher vision of yourself.  Experience a whole new level of clarity, purpose, strength and confidence, and create the lifestyle and relationships you desire.

What You Will Learn

You will discover a clear vision for yourself and relationships, uncovering ways to overcome barriers getting in your way. Together, we will develop a strategy for setting healthy boundaries and learn to nourish & grow your relationships.  We will align actions with your goals, on ways to reconnect, where you will develop a mindset that focuses on your future, not the past. You will create sustainable habits & behavior changes that last a lifetime.

What You Need to Qualify

A desire for change.

An open mind.

Show up for yourself like you’ve never done before, because what’s at risk for you if you don’t, is feeling exhausted, depleted and disconnected from yourself and everyone around you. Invest in you, and see what’s possible for you.

Because you’re worth it.

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